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Verify your business idea with our chatbot

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Are you preparing IR pitch to raise fund for your startup?


Pitch aid tool for startups, used by many universities, startup group organizations

All in one

We included pitch video analysis, investor chatbot in one product


How it works

Upload your pitch video

Record & Upload your startup idea pitch. If you don't have a recorded pitch yet, we highly recommand to use

Analyze your pitch

Request analysis and see the result.

Practice pitch with investor persona chatbot

Go to the "pitch practice" page and see the result. 

Check the feedback & share

When you finish to answer 10 questions, you'll be allowed to see the feedback for your answers. Tailer your pitch again to make sure you're prepared!

pitch video analysis report
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Auto-video subtitle

Language habit analysis

Voice emotion analysis

Pitch deck contents segmentation

Investor persona chatbot

Feedback for your answers

SWOT analysis

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What Our Clients Say

“I used Intelliwebi to analyze one of my speeches to describe my product and found it useful when it pointed out some of the missing parts I had to include to make my pitch persuasive. I will use the Intelliwebi before I pitch anywhere to make sure that I'm well prepared. Thank you for this amazing service!”

Tyler Sahib,

Seoul Startup Club organizer

Tyler Sahib profile picture
“Just a simple video upload that allows me to analyze my pitch in depth! The voice-assisted chat-bot was really helpful for me to practice important questions, especially in such an early stage.”

Kevin Yar,

CEO of TrueYouOmics

Kevin Yar profile picture

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​Monthly Plan

$ 14.50

Every month

Upload 5 videos per month

Video analysis

500 Questions with chatbot

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Get ready to pitch perfectly your startup idea to investors & raise money!

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